Will Jason Garrett get another shot in 2020 after beating Giants on the road regularly?

The first game as head coach of Jason Garrett ended with a 33-20 victory over the Giants. With a backup quarterback of a bad team went on to go 5-3 in 2010’s season, Garrett earned a full-time gig which we never imagined that it would last this long.


Monday’s 37-18 victory at MetLife Stadium is the seventh over New York in that facility, which got the Cowboys to a record of 5-3 once again. Only a situation that record may get him fired and not extended, is that if the Cowboys can’t improve and win a couple of playoff games in the second half of the season and show their real progress when it counts.


Will Jason Garrett get another shot in 2020 after beating Giants on the road regularly?

There were such a plenty of silver linings in a Monday wild performance that the Cowboys led the Giants 16-15 extremely early in the fourth quarter, before the explosions took place. This was considered to be a “big play” league. And the Cowboys did a grand performance.


Ezekiel Elliott completed his most rushing yards (139) of the season, while Amari Cooper and Michael Gallup had electrifying plays in their passing game. Now Garrett is 7-3 against the Giant at MedLife Stadium, but 7-5 overall. There is a good chance that he will never beat the Jets at that time, given that the next trip of Dallas is planned to be 2027 season.


The victory on Monday raised Garrett’s career record to 82-62. He got Bum Phillips, Dave Wannstedt and Wade Phillips in all-time win totals. It is all about the way how you “finish the fight,” in order to borrow one of Garrett’s favorite T-shirt phrases.


Dallas does not strong enough to go 5-3 in the first half. In order to go 5-3 the rest of season, the Cowboys need to rise up. That is the difference between the second-half schedule and the road traveled so far. This team ended up its bye week slumber with 21 points in the 4th quarter on Monday night. To be sure, the Giants did lend a helping hand, however, Garrett’s team victory at New York has become a regularity in the schedule. The way how his team fares at Detroit, Philadelphia, Chicago, New England or wherever the post-season might take the Cowboys will answer the question whether Garrett will get another look at MetLife in year 2020.







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