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The task ahead for Tom Herman to determine the future of the Longhorns’ program

The best scenario that could be made for Texas was two defeats with 7 points. In spite of the relatively narrow losses to LSU and Oklahoma, now it seems that appraisal might be too generous.


After nearly defeated by Kansas and got outplayed on both sides of the ball in a 37-27 loss to TCU, now the Longhorns will make a great effort in their bye week to make certain that they are relevant in November.


The task ahead for Tom Herman and Texas could determine the future of the Longhorns’ program

It is an even bigger chore for their coach, Tom Herman. Being removed from 10 wins and a victory in the Sugar Bowl, it seems that it’s the regressive time of Texas.


Back? More like lagging behind.


It was predictable with just three returning starters on defense, a host of injuries that sidelined 4 key members of the secondary.


Once Sam Ehlinger does not play like one of the best quarterbacks in the college football, Texas becomes just another beatable football team.


Tom Herman will gain totally $6.75 million this year, in which there is $1 million retention bonus on Christmas. “Winning is hard and pleasing Texas fans is even harder”, he said. Actually he is not in any real danger, however, what happens the rest of this season may affect to everything from recruiting to Herman’s staff, including defensive coordinator Todd Orlando.


Sometimes people forget that Herman, 44 years old, is a relatively young in this career, in his fifth season as a head coach. While Mack Brown had been a head coach for more than a decade. He said, nothing prepared for him for the Texas job.


Herman seemed being aware of the short-term situation as when being asked on Monday about a return trip to the Big 12 championship game.


Herman stated, “We won’t talk much about it, as it’s irrelevant if we can’t beat Kansas State. And if we don’t improve this week, we will not be able to win Kansas State”.