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While Sunday’s tornadoes hit Dallas, the Cowboys were playing a game


The Cowboys is willing to provide relief – while Sunday’s tornadoes hit Dallas, they were playing a game


Knowing that storms were going to attack the area, Charlotte Jones Anderson and other members of Cowboys had discussed on whether or not to start the game at AT&T Stadium. But she did not know of the huge damage those winds inflicted till receiving her friend’s call during that Sunday’s night to ask if she was fine.

The spread of destruction quickly draw all their attention. Then the Cowboys moved very quickly to assist.


The Cowboys designated more than $44,000 from funds collected from the raffle during their win over Philadelphia for disaster relief. They say that whatever they generate from next raffle, which is a home game against Minnesota on 10th Nov. will also be designated to the relief efforts.


The organization has worked with the Salvation Army to set-up a way to give donation. By texting 20222 and typing word “Cowboys”, you have made a $10 donation. Besides, the club had contacted with Dallas Independent School District in order for its support’s commitment.


The Cowboys set-up ways for donation

There are about 2,700 students displaced by the huge tornado. Three schools, including Thomas Jefferson High School, Cary Middle School and Walnut Hill Elementary, have all been shut down, while students from 3 other elementary schools are currently conducting their classes at Loos Stadium.

“We will be there to support the effort”, Jones Anderson said. “The disaster is sudden, but it will take a long time for recovery’’


The Cowboys’ fan can buy raffle tickets for every game. While the winner will get 50% of the pot, the balance 50% will go to charity. It was perfect sense to dedicate those funds for relief efforts.

In addition, the club will also do the same with the money they collect from the game against the Vikings. The level of promotion which will take place ahead of that raffle is expected to dramatically increase the pot.

“We all want to cheer them up and let them know we are with them,’’ said Jones Anderson.


More significant steps will continue.

“People are looking at how to clean it up and rebuild community’’ Jones Anderson said. “It’ll be such a long road.’’

And that may be a road the Cowboys intending to travel from start to finish.