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Texas male student to be welcomed by 25 universities

RuQuan Brown (17 years old, living in Texas state) was invited to enroll by 25 universities due to owning a company, achieving impressive academic performance and extracurricular activities.

By mid-December, Brown received offers and full scholarships from eight Ivy League schools and a number of prestigious universities such as Harvard, Yale, Princeton.


With an average score of 3.9 / 4.0, Brown was elected President of the Benjamin Banneker Academic High School Student Council, one of the top public high schools in Washington DC.

Anita Berger, the school’s principal, commented that Brown was creative, able to bring about change to the community. “Brown has always shown excellent results from extracurricular activities to academic work,” he said.


Brown loves football, but his high school doesn’t have a football club, so he decided to enroll in the team of Theodore Roosevelt High School (Los Angeles, California).


Texas male student to be welcomed by 25 universities

I took the position of captain, leading the team to win the championship in the high school competition in Los Angeles in 2017. My athletic performance has received attention from the college admissions committee.


Brown is also a testament to his ability to overcome difficulties. In 2017, the male stepfather died of being shot. A year later, his best friend left for the same reason.


Losing two beloved people, Brown decided to set up a company against gun violence, called Love1, with the number 1 of his best friend’s soccer jersey. The company debuted on January 30, the stepfather’s birthday.


Love1 sells clothing and life safety products such as bulletproof backpacks, bulletproof vests. 20% of the profits earned by Brown are donated to One Gun Gone, a project to buy guns and weapons to create artwork.


“The death of my stepfather and close friend has completely changed my life. I feel I have to do something to help stop gun violence,” the male student said.


Rudolph Brown, Brown’s biological father, said he always supported his son’s decisions and ideas. “Brown is a confident child who is aware of their goals, passion and works hard to achieve them,” he said.