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Texas is The Best State In The US To Run a Private Business

According to the latest research by WallerHub, Texas leads the United States in the top 10 best states for growing your own business.

In Washington, D.C. In the US, starting your own business is not easy. More than 20% of new startups close within the first year, and only about half of the new companies “survive” through the fifth year. CNBC in the second week of July cited a WallerHub study headquartered in Washington, D.C., saying Texas was the best state in the United States to start a private business. Meanwhile California ranked 8th.

WallerHub’s study compares the 50 US states based on factors that affect the success of a new startup such as business environment, company operating costs, number of people of working age. , company taxes, labor qualifications, expenses paid to employees.

According to CNBC, Texas is also the second largest economy in the United States, valued at $ 1.8 trillion, only behind California (worth about $ 2.8 trillion) according to US Department of Commerce data.

The list of 10 best states for people to start their own business is as follows:

1. Texas

2. Utah

3. Georgia

4. North Dakota

5. Oklahoma

6. Florida

7. Arizona

8. California

9. Montana

10. Colorado

According to CNBC, although it is also on the list of “10 best states to start a private business in the US”, but overall, California is less dominant than Texas because of the rent price. equal to the most expensive in the United States.