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Tens of thousands watch livestreamed of a Dallas woman’s brain surgery

Jenna Schardt, a 25-year-old woman with the idea of Facebook Live during her brain surgery to remove a section of her skull, was accepted and prepared by doctors in Methodist Dallas medical center in Texas on Tuesday.


Jenna Schardt’s brain surgery

Thousands of viewers watched a video stream for 45 minutes while Schardt underwent her brain surgery. When awaking for the procedure, she spoke throughout the process to help doctors map her brain, smiling and answering their questions.


The surgery was narrated by a spokemen along with the chief of neurosurgery, Dr Nimesh Patel. When Schardt was approached about the idea by the hospital, she was eager for broadcasting this.


The hospital struggled with Schardt’s idea of doing a facebook livestream on surgery’s process, but as she was so forthcoming and really wanted to encourage others that this problem can be fixed. “She was a model for us so that’s the reason we supported her to do this”, said Peter.


Like other brain surgeries, the procedure was undertaken when Schardt was awake then surgeons can check her brain function in the surrounding area of the lesion they were removing, then avoid harming cognitive abilities.


In process of removing the mass, cutting just 1 millimeter to the right or left will affect to her speech or even other abilities, so they require Schardt to look at the screen shown by a medical technician and identify a lot of numbers, animals and colors in order to ensure her brain functions are maintained throughout. “Im so impressed with the way she is handling this”, said Peter in the livestream.


Broadcasting medical treatment procedures are becoming common. However, brain surgery like this case appears to be the first of this kind to be livestreamed. For instance, a Texas woman streamed her breast cancer surgery live on Facebook with an aim to raise awareness about the disease in 2018. Michael Salzhauer, who is a board-certified plastic surgeon, has gained thousands of followers as well as a number of new patients from livestreaming surgeries on his Instagram & Snapchat.


The video of Schardt’s surgery gained more than 45,000 views, 1,000 comments. The hospital did not show the bloody details as they thought Facebook would not allow it. Instead of that, they showed Schardt’s head with blue sheets surrounded. Many people tuning in thanked Schardt and the doctors for allowing them to watch the procedure. Others asked questions about what kind of anesthetic was used and how long her recovery time would be.


A lot of thanks were sent to Schardt and doctors there for livestreaming the procedure. A viewer wrote, “Watching the video has given me hopes about my treatment which is similar to her”.


Schardt will recover in the hospital in several days more.