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North Texans To Give Back This Christmas


North Texans To Give Back This Christmas

There were more than 1,000 Texans who volunteered at Visiting Nurse Association Meals on Wheel this Christmas. They helped to deliver about 4,500 meals. And Pamela Aikins is doing this for the third year in a row. She said that she wouldn’t have wanted to do anything else on Christmas day cause it is so much fun. They get so much joy out of it, and it gives her great joy just to bring other people joy.


Meanwhile, Ram Srinivasan volunteered with his son. He told that he could not express it, only when you deliver the food, you have to feel it.  It is so much fun.


The parking lot was busy all morning at VNA Meals on Wheels, while it was a day of giving throughout North Texas.  For instance, Steven Markel drove through the area to give coats to the homeless. He shared that he had one of those days where he was driving by the 45 bridge, and that he saw a  homeless encampment there, and it was cold.  It was like a movie when they were gathered, gathered around a barrel trying to stay warm. Then he just went to Walmart, bought a bunch of coats, and that was 26 years ago, and he had been doing it every Christmas morning since. And for this year, he made a plan to give out about 110 coats.


Markel added that they feel like they are invisible every day, and it’s just his way of saying, “hey, somebody is out there thinking of you”