Republic National, Nation’s second-largest liquor distributor, moving headquarters to Pflugerville

As part of an incentives deal, Republic National – the Grand Prairie-based liquor distributor – is relocating its headquarters to Pflugerville. According to officials, this will bring to the city 304 fulltime jobs. Official said that Republic National Distributing Co. (a wholesale wine, spirits and beer distributor) will also pour a $27 million capital investment into a 250,000-square-foot facility.


On Tuesday, a performance agreement between the Pflugerville Community Development Corp. and Republic National Distributing Company (known as RNDC) was approved by the Pflugerville City Council. In the agreement, there are $1.2 million in incentives for RNDC providing that it meets certain criteria.


Republic National, Nation’s second-largest liquor distributor, moving headquarters to Pflugerville

According to Amy Madison, Pflugerville Community Development Corp. executive director, this fast-growth company provides a lot of opportunities to expand the local workforce expertise in a high-tech facility, bringing a sales and distribution regional operation.


Officials said that RNDC had been seeking a permanent location for Austin regional headquarters for 2 years before deciding on Pflugerville. “We considered sites in other communities, but finally decided Pflugerville to make our new home due to some factors, including location and available workforce here. We’ve been working very closely with Pflugerville Community Development Corp. and expect to a long partnership as we’ve expanded RNDC operations in Pflugerville”, said Steve Feldman – vice president of operations at RNDC.


To follow 10-year economic development performance agreement, $70,000 jobs grant will be offered by Pflugerville Community Development Corp. per year provided that RNDC will relocate and hire 207 employees in year one & 97 employees in year two.


Moreover, the Pflugerville Community Development Corp. will also provide an infrastructure grant which is not exceed $500,000 to assist with Helios Way’s extension and necessary utilities to the 32-acre site (This site is located at the west side of Texas 130 and the south side of Pecan Street).


To meet milestones for gaining the total $1.2 million incentive-package, RNDC must retain 304 primary jobs established in 2 first years in the entire length of the agreement. Besides, they need to fulfill $27 million capital investment in the first year. Also, they must provide receipts for full costs of the Helios Way extension in order to be eligible for the infrastructure grant.


Republic National, Nation’s second-largest liquor distributor, moving headquarters to Pflugerville

Established through the merger of 2 distributors (Republic Beverage and National Distributing Company) in 2007, RNDC now has more than 9,500 employees and operates across 22 states throughout the country. According to Forbes, the company has become the second-largest liquor distributor in the United States.


“We are pleased that Republic National Distributing Co. was able to expand its footprint and high-tech distribution operations in Pflugerville. This expansion will create jobs across a broad spectrum of skill levels and is another great testament to the depth of regional workforce.”, stated Charisse Bodisch, senior vice president, economic development at the Austin Chamber of Commerce.






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