Prescott and Elliott are playing their best — Your Cowboys Catch-Up

Dak Prescott has thrown for more yards than any other quarterback in the NFL. This is not a misprint, for those who still remember the days the Cowboys quarterback struggled to break the 200-yard barrier, or for opponents long convinced the best way to beat the Cowboys was to put the ball in his hands then taking it out of Ezekiel Elliott’s.


Prescott’s thrown for 503 yards more than the guy in Green Bay, who does commercials for State Farm. He’s thrown 7 more touchdown passes than full-time GOAT and the part-time actor that he’ll face in New England this weekend.

Prescott-and-Elliott-are-playing-their-best -- Your-Cowboys-Catch-Up

Prescott and Elliott are playing their best — Your Cowboys Catch-Up


It’s undeniable for the evolution of the Dallas offense and the rise of Prescott. However, Bill Belichick, who has a history of tormenting young and old quarterbacks, will face the Cowboys this Sunday afternoon in Foxboro.


The Patriots defensive personnel and Belichick’s big brain would be the ultimate test for a quarterback. Actually, those who suggest the Cowboys have moved on from Elliott as the central offensive figure, will want to wait.


New England has lost 1 game while Baltimore rushed for more than 200 yards in their 37-20 victory this season. Besides, the Ravens ran the ball up to 41 times but threw it just 23 times.


Prescott has been outstanding with at least 40 passing attempts in 4 of the last 6 games, and the Cowboys are even passing more and more. But Elliott is also outstanding, look for him to be a bigger part of the attack on this Sunday afternoon.


There is plenty of room for both Prescott and Elliott in this offense.





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