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Police officer at Parkland Hospital was arrested on sexual assault charge

Keivon Gamble, a police officer at Parkland Health & Hospital System, was arrested last Sunday due to some felony charges, which include a sexual assault charge. He was imprisoned at Dallas County jail on the rape charge and 2 counts of assault. According to jail records, after posting a total $55,000 bond, he was released on Wednesday.


Gamble, 28 years old, has been a Dallas County Hospital District police officer for 14 months. An internal affairs investigation is conducted during his administrative leave.

Polic- officer-at-Parkland-was-arrested on-sexual-assault-charge

Police officer at Parkland was arrested on sexual assault charge

According to an arrest warrant affidavit, police received a phone call from Parkland Memorial Hospital on Harry Hines Boulevard late Saturday. They were informed that Gamble had been in an altercation with a woman at the parking lot there. The woman told police that she was abused by Gamble earlier in the month. She told Dallas police that he violently grabbed her around her neck with both hands on Nov.12, which prevented her from breathing for 10 seconds. She was just let go when she fell to the ground. He pulled out her hair, and left knots on her scalp.


During an argument the next day, Gamble shoved the woman, making her to fall backward. Her head and elbow were hit on a wall, according to police’s affidavit. Moreover, he held her down then raped her while she cried, she said.


There were deep-tissue bruising found on the woman’s neck and hips, together with several other bruises on her hands, arms, chest and shoulders. Some of them were healing, while others were still in deep purple color.


A video footage that captured the sexual assault was shown to the police as well.

Gamble admitted in an interview with a detective that he had “rough sex” with the woman as well as acknowledged she had asked him to stop.