NHL Winter Classic in Dallas To Sell Out Tickets


NHL Winter Classic in Dallas To Sell Out Tickets

There were more than 85,000 fans who packed the Cotton Bowl in Dallas to watch the match between Stars and Nashville Predators on New Year’s Day.


Actually, the crowd is the second largest in NHL history and it is a continuation of the league’s successful Winter Classic series.


North Texas is among the warmest climates where the game has ever been held, however, the weather did cooperate with temperatures hovering in the 40’s.


One fan said that it’s unlike anything he has ever seen before, with 85-thousand people, 4 times as many as can be seen at the AAC. It’s really hard to conceive unless you’re here.


There was no shortage of Texas themed entertainment including horses, cattle and even pig races, beyond the game on the ice. Fan Crew Harrison said that the sport is growing down south, and that it’s a whole different environment, different energy and vibe.

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