According to police, with more than 60 pounds of marijuana in luggage, a mother and daughter were arrested last week at Dallas Love Field. Accordingly, Bridget Deque Wilkins, 41, and Victoria Denee Wilkins, 22, both coming from Los Angeles will face a second-degree felony count of marijuana possession. Per an arrest-warrant affidavit on Thursday morning, […]

Robert Quinn gained money during the first half of the Cowboy’s game last Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings. With a third-down sack of Minnesota quarterback Kirk Cousins in 2nd quarter, Quinn gained 7.5 sacks on the season. By that way, Quinn earned a bonus of nearly $880,000. This brought his 2019 pay near $8 million, […]

Following 3-2 loss of the Stars in Winnipeg this Sunday afternoon, coach Jim Montgomery expressed his disappointment with his 2 highest-paid players, including Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn. They weren’t mentioned by name, but will get the message.   Are you frustrated with the scoring of your top players right now? “Extremely disappointed,” Montgomery said. […]

Accused of allegedly spending campaign money for her individual expenses, a Tex judge is now facing fraud charges. Harris County Judge Alexandra Smoots-Thomas did misuse nearly $25,000 of the campaign funds in the period from January 2016 to March 2017, said prosecutors. According to the indictment unsealed on Friday, she used that amount of money […]

The 4-1 Dallas win on Tuesday seemed to be a disjointed one for both the Avalanche and the Stars.   The two teams ended the game with a combination of 15 penalties and nearly 26 minutes on the power on Tuesday night. The Star finally gained their seventh victory in their last eight tries. Also […]

Daniel Ross, Cowboys defensive lineman, was arrested on Wednesday morning on charges of possession of marijuana and unlawful gun carrying.   Frisco police said they found Ross with marijuana and a gun in a traffic stop. He didn’t reveal more details about the traffic stop which led to the arrest.   The department did not […]

The first game as head coach of Jason Garrett ended with a 33-20 victory over the Giants. With a backup quarterback of a bad team went on to go 5-3 in 2010’s season, Garrett earned a full-time gig which we never imagined that it would last this long.   Monday’s 37-18 victory at MetLife Stadium […]

The 23-year-old man, who was accused in Greenville shooting last month, was released from jail after officials found evidence to clear him of the crime on Tuesday.   According to the Hunt County Sheriff’s Office, he required the county’s district attorney to release Brandon Ray Gonzales, who was held on $1 million bail since Oct. […]

It’s not uncommon for an athlete to face his former employer. It is not rare for an athlete to face or meet his former employer. What makes this reunion uncommon is that the former employer is not the broadcast network, instead of the opponent. Jason Witten was in the booth the last time the Cowboys […]

Although there are some renowned institutions coming with a number of Nobel Prize winners, Texas isn’t considered a national leader in area of research and development.   The trend, however, has been improving steadily nowadays. And voters now have a chance to keep this momentum going forward. To follow up on their commitment made a […]

Jenna Schardt, a 25-year-old woman with the idea of Facebook Live during her brain surgery to remove a section of her skull, was accepted and prepared by doctors in Methodist Dallas medical center in Texas on Tuesday. Thousands of viewers watched a video stream for 45 minutes while Schardt underwent her brain surgery. When awaking for […]

The Cowboys have a trouble with their Trysten Hill, who is not reliable enough to play full-time. Although the organization said that he’s doing necessary things to compete, it appears he’s not doing that.   Hill even fell asleep last Thursday at The Star, during a speech of Fame player Isiah Thomas. It was such […]

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