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Mother and daughter arrested with more than 60 pounds of pot in Dallas Love Field

According to police, with more than 60 pounds of marijuana in luggage, a mother and daughter were arrested last week at Dallas Love Field. Accordingly, Bridget Deque Wilkins, 41, and Victoria Denee Wilkins, 22, both coming from Los Angeles will face a second-degree felony count of marijuana possession.


Mother and daughter with more than 60 pounds of pot were arrested at Dallas Love Field

Per an arrest-warrant affidavit on Thursday morning, a detective working at the airport smelled marijuana coming from a bag which was unloaded from Southwest Flight 3040. This flight was from Los Angeles to Dallas. The luggage was also detected by a drug-detection dog as he gave a positive alert to it.


The affidavit says, that bag was taken by the detective and three others belonging to the pair. Then later the detective saw the two women at Southwest’s baggage office complaining about missing luggage. Being asked by officers, Bridget Wilkins told that they were visiting Dallas for the weekend, however, when being asked where they was staying, she said she hadn’t booked a hotel yet. There was marijuana in her suitcase, she admitted and consented officers to a search of the luggage.


The affidavit indicated that Bridget Wilkins was wearing a backpack with a Los Angeles Police Department badge on it, and noted that drug smugglers sometimes “display law enforcement emblems or insignia”, in an attempt to fly under the radar.


Officers found 27 bundles of marijuana in Bridget Wilkins’ backpack. Police said that the pot was double-bagged and vacuum-sealed, placed in larger bags, wrapped in clothing then vacuum-sealed again. There were 36 identically packaged bundles of marijuana found in her daughter’s bag, the affidavit says. In total, police reported they found about 62 pounds of pot.


The Wilkinses were imprisoned in the Dallas County jail and have been released after posting $5,000 bond each. In 2006, Bridget Wilkins pleaded guilty to one count of abandonment of children in Los Angeles County. Then she was sentenced to five probation years.


In 2009, Wilkins was charged in Operation Phish Phry, which was an FBI investigation. It’s related to a massive international phishing scheme which bilked hundreds of victims out of $1.5 million. She pleaded guilty to a single count of wire and bank fraud conspiracy, then was sentenced to 3 probation years.