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Man accused in Greenville mass shooting was released from jail

The 23-year-old man, who was accused in Greenville shooting last month, was released from jail after officials found evidence to clear him of the crime on Tuesday.


According to the Hunt County Sheriff’s Office, he required the county’s district attorney to release Brandon Ray Gonzales, who was held on $1 million bail since Oct. 28 on a capital murder charge. “Additional information has come to light”, stated the sheriff’s office.


Man accused in Greenville mass shooting was released from jail

Gonzales was arrested 2 days after shooting occurred at a night party late Oct. 26 to celebrate Texas A&M University-Commerce’s homecoming. It was about 15 miles to the southwest of the campus and about 65 miles from Dallas.

Kevin Berry Jr. of Dallas and Byron Craven Jr. of Arlington, two 23-year-old men, were killed. There were six others shot, and several victims were injured when trying to escape the venue, some people crawling through a broken window with an effort to flee.


Gonzales said it hurts sitting in the cell, hearing others call him “the shooter”. He was haunted by flashbacks of police when they come with guns drawn to arrest him in the car dealership where he works.

He told that he had been in car on a Facetime call when the shooting erupted. And he was so far away that he didn’t hear anything, but saw people running from the building.


According to the attorneys, they took that evidence immediately from the call, as well as the accounts of 4 other people who were there with Gonzales at the time, to the sheriff’s office.

The attorneys will take civil action to require the sheriff’s department to hold accountable for Gonzales’ arrest.


Gonzales wrote a letter in jail, in which he asked God for guiding him to help overcome the darkness. “Lord, I am your child and I did no such thing as they are trying to ruin my image on the outside. But even then, while I am here, I will remain the same kind, humble and loving person, because I know I’m coming home.”

His brother, Gabriel Gonzales, said his brother’s release was amazing. He credited the community for helping free of an innocent man.