Luka Doncic To Give Autographed Shoes to A Young Fan


Luka Doncic To Give Autographed Shoes to A Young Fan

A boy from Kansas, 9 years old, got an amazing opportunity at night’s Mavericks game on Thursday. Brayden Whitley said that one of the coaches lifted him up, and he took him to Luka Doncic and then he met him. Oh, he even could not believe what  Darrell Armstrong -Mavs assistant coach was doing that time. Whitney recalled that he was thinking whether he was going to meet Luka and while warming up at the free-throw line, Doncic paused for a picture with Whitley. Still, the amazing journey didn’t just end there that he got one more special encounter right after the game.


Whitley said Luka Doncic came over. He untied his shoes, taking them off, then signed both of them and gave them to him. It seems that Doncic had already given Brayden a special gift, which can be called a healthier life.


Regarding Brayden, he has a seizure disorder that he suffered from partial complex seizures of the right frontal lobe. Whitley brought a sign to the game saying that his doctor said watching Luka helps his epilepsy, and that it is 9 months no seizures.


According to Mavericks’ assistant coach Darrell Armstrong, Mavs CEO Cynt Marshall saw Whitley’s sign and discussed whether a meeting with Doncic could happen. And well, this magical Mavs moment shows that the kind of role model Doncic is as a player.


Then, the young boy has got a memory to last a whole lifetime while also helping raise awareness about his life. Bekah Whitley said that when he has a seizure it doesn’t look like what everybody else would see, and that he think that’s one of the things that’s really cool about it is that they are getting a platform to talk about seizures and what it actually means.


The tickets actually were a great Christmas gift for Brayden. Doncic signed in both shoes, so Brayden decides to give his older brother one of them as he is a good big brother.



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