Families Visited the Same Santa Claus for 31 Years


Families Visited the Same Santa Claus for 31 Years

It’s because he is a Santa that spans generations.

It’s a tradition for many families to get their child’s picture taken on Santa’s lap, however, the holiday ritual at NorthPark Center in Dallas takes on a deeper meaning for some families, and even for Santa. It is because he is a Santa that spans generations.


Long before Santa starts to make his rounds to visit little children, he spends time at his cottage at NorthPark Center.

Santa spends time for pictures and hears their Christmas wishes, which keeps him quite busy. There are a lot of Christmases which have spanned a lot of years.


This year, Chris Jones visited Santa again, a little too big to sit on his lap, like the way he did 31 years ago.Jones said that it was really special. It’s special because his children now have a picture on the same Santa’s lap as their dad. Jones said that it was just been a privilege to be able to come back here year after year and saw the exact same Santa and experienced that with him and his family and then his kids.


Santa has a lot of magical reunions after his 31 years of visiting NorthPark. For instance, Gresham Meek has visited Santa for 29 years. She described that Santa looked the exact same as when she was a little girl. Surprisingly, Meek and her daughter Kaki both have photos on the lap of the same Santa. They wear the same dress even 29 years apart. Meek said she definitely remembered coming back year after year with her three other siblings, and they always made a day of it.


Families get to leave with a memory that lasts for generations, however Santa gets a little gift of his own. When the little ones grow into adults by the time, Santa had seen their Christmas wish lists mature as well. Jones said that just for a healthy family and health for the friends and family and to just have a good 2020 and come out on top.


Well, over 31 years Santa’s message to all remains the same that “Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everybody,” Santa said.




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