Electronic sports throne, gamers become hot jobs with degrees and income up to thousands of dollars

With the recent strong growth of esports, gaming is no longer considered a “free career”. Gamers can fully earn a college degree by playing games. Staffordshire University is one of universities which focus on game training. Staffordshire is just one of many UK and US universities that recently opened programs to make use of the needs of booming gaming industry.


Electronic sports throne, gamers become hot jobs with degrees and income up to thousands of dollars


The gaming industry has been recognized

In the United States, several universities including Virginia’s Shenandoah University, Becker College in Massachusetts and Ohio State University have in turn launched their professional esports qualifications. Ryan Chapman, an 18-year-old student, shared that parents were initially skeptical when it came to learning about professional esports.


Chapman is one of students who are participating in the study of playing Counter Strike – the most popular shooter game in the world of esports. In 2018, Staffordshire University launched e-sports programs for bachelors and masters. Students mainly study industry-specific marketing and management skills. Expected this fall, the school will expand the program to London in the UK. Meanwhile, many other schools are offering similar esports courses in the UK, Singapore and China.


ESports is no longer just a game

Becker College officially opened its Bachelor of Science degree in esports management this month after “launching” in 2018. “No more kids will have to sneak games in their loft,” Alan Ritacco – head of the school’s design and technology department.


The top esports players currently have an income as high as stars in some traditional sports like golf or tennis. Huxley, who teaches a class about organizing tournaments, said learning about e-sports is similar to learning sports management.


Trainers are professional gamers



At Chichester University, students who take courses on esports games like FIFA or League of Legends will be trained by former professional player – Rams “R2K” Singh. Ohio State University, meanwhile, plans to offer a college degree in esports and gaming including applying games to health and medicine. In the UK, standard tuition is set at £ 9,250 ($ 11,430) a year, while US programs cost up to $ 36,000 a year. Ellis Celia, a student at Staffordshire said that there will always be a risk, but he have absolutely no regrets about deciding to pursue it. This is the best time to jump into this industry.









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