North Texas Soccer Player with efforts for Blind Soccer National Team


North Texas Soccer Player with efforts for Blind Soccer National Team

Ricardo Castaneda started losing his sight since he was 4 years old. And it was gone by age 14. Castaneda said that he went to school, ran into a couple walls, figured out that he was going blind. Then the doctor told that he was completely blind and there was no recovery from that. The 19-year-old boy said the prognosis made him to be on the sofa for a few months till he rediscovered his passion for sports.


Castaneda said that as it distracted him from what he had and what he could do, then it made him more inspired to do more things, the things like soccer. It turned out that when Castaneda played, he came alive. Actually soccer has just been his passion. The running, the dribbling, the teamwork come together to create a big ball of joy for him.


Castaneda became the first blind Hispanic player in December to be invited to take part in the Blind Soccer National Team ID Camp located near San Diego. Actually it was the first step towards playing on the team.


Players use a soccer ball which jingles when it moves and they also have to communicate as they play.


Castaneda expects to become a physical therapist when he graduates from college. His goal right now is to contribute all their best of him for the Blind Soccer National Team. Castaneda said that sometimes it can get frustrating, however, they just have to keep fighting through.


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