Dallas Officials To Warn Against New Year’s Eve Fireworks, Gunfire


Dallas Officials To Warn Against New Year’s Eve Fireworks, Gunfire

Dallas city officials are warning residents not to purchase or set off their own fireworks even though fireworks are for celebration.Fire prevention officers and Dallas police will work together on New Year’s Eve to investigate random gunfire and fireworks.


According to Dallas Fire Rescue Deputy Chief Chris Martinez, the Dallas Fire Marshal, fireworks are inherently dangerous as they cause a lot of injuries. Especially they can cause damage, accidental fires. Police do roam throughout the city and they are in different parts of the city.


People who are caught in Dallas with fireworks may face fines of up to $2,000 and confiscation of the fireworks, which are considered to be illegal in a number of North Texas cities.


Meanwhile, there were lots of customers who still lined up to buy fireworks at the Palmer Fireworks Company stand on Dowdy Ferry Road on Tuesday. This place was just outside Dallas city limits in Dallas County.


Jose Rodriguez from DeSoto said that he was spending $165 on a display for his family. He seemed to be really excited about it because some of the kids also buying fireworks with their families. He said that he’d been doing it since being a kid, so it was something anyone did not really outgrow. Still, Rodriguez planned to take the fireworks to a rural spot to fire them off with other families, a far place from cities, where fireworks are legal.


The Palmer Fireworks Company has located beside the stand on Dowdy Ferry Road where people can shoot their fireworks off for a fee. There is a large tank of water is on hand there in case of fire. The manager Colton Lusk said that they can shoot on the property with no worries about doing it within city limits. It’s really great as you can watch other people shoot off their stuff. And you can shoot your own, barbeque out here, volleyball, or whatever you want to do.


In addition, Dallas police threaten to arrest people who are caught firing guns on New Year’s Eve. According to Almeida, punishment can range from a citation to an up-to-10-years prison sentence for the charge of deadly conduct.


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