The top executive leading a turnaround at Santander Consumer USA, Scott Powell, is leaving the Dallas company and becoming chief operating officer at Wells Fargo & Co. Powell, 57 years old, oversaw the Dallas unit for just over 2 years. He worked to resolve government lawsuits and other regulatory matters. He also led Santander Holdings […]

According to a spokesman of Amazon Web Services, Amazon had filed a lawsuit and an additional petition to the US Federal Court of Complaint. Amazon Web Services specializes in providing on-demand cloud platforms for individuals, companies and governments on a pay-as-you-use basis. Meanwhile, Amazon said its lawsuit filing contained “proprietary information, trade secrets, and confidential […]

According to the latest research by WallerHub, Texas leads the United States in the top 10 best states for growing your own business. In Washington, D.C. In the US, starting your own business is not easy. More than 20% of new startups close within the first year, and only about half of the new companies […]

Remember the massive ransomware attack – the malware that has taken hostage to a computer network system – against 22 city governments (not 23 cities as reported previously) in Texas, United States? The latest news, the municipalities finally did not comply with ransom requests from hackers, as quoted by ZDNet, which was accessed Saturday (October […]