A Texas man reports nearly being killed by “psychotic” cow’s attack

A Texas man claims that he was nearly died after being attacked by his psychotic cow a few weeks ago, Sustaining broken ribs and a punctured lung by the attack, he still decides to continue caring for her.


In the interview, Greg Nolen told that his female bovine started her aggressive action after giving birth to her calf. Bellvia (his bovine’s name) has turned into  a crazier and meaner animal from then. “She’s attacked me twice so far. The first time she cornered me and ended with her headbutting me”, he said.


Nine weeks ago, he claims that Bellvia attacked him again that he almost lost his life.


A Texas man reports nearly being killed by “psychotic” cow’s attack

“When she pushed me down, all my ribs were broken on this side of my body except for one. Basically she punctured my lungs, my ribs and destroyed my spleen”, Nolen told.


Despite how badly the violence caused him, Nolen stated he has poured too much into part ways with Bellvia at this point. She is a registered Braford, and registered animals are of a higher quality.


Nolen plans to use her for breeding purpose for now.

He said, “Bellvia can be psychotic a little”.

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