9 Huge Dallas Tornadoes caused $2 billion in insured damage


9 Huge Dallas Tornadoes caused $2 billion in insured damage

An insurance company says that tornadoes which slammed North Texas last Sunday caused $2 billion in loss. It makes the tornado outbreak the record for costliest ones in Texas history for years. Estimated loss exceeds the number of $1.2 billion loss in a big tornado which occurred in Dec. 26, 2015 and killed 10 inhabitants in Dallas suburbs.


Mark Hanna of The Insurance Council of Texas says this storm had filed more than 8,300 houses and 6,000 automobile claims, and even these numbers are estimated to double.


The strongest tornado on Sunday attacked the densely populated North Dallas, where the EF3 run on the ground for over 15 miles and its peak winds of 140 mph (equivalent to 225 kph), told The National Weather Service.


Other tornadoes in Texas brought about strong winds with speed ranging from 80 to 135 mph (equivalent to 130 to 218 kph)


“There was such a huge damage for commercial property”, a witness said in a telephone interview.  No estimated number of commercial buildings damaged is calculated at the moment.


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